Friday, November 18, 2022

Five on Friday: Let's Name the New Car!

Do you remember Overkill Jones? You know, our 15-passenger van that we've taken many any epic family road trip in? Yeah, that Overkill Jones.

Well that poor l'il gas guzzler has been mainly relegated to sitting in the driveway until someone needed to borrow a large vehicle. Just sitting there making it hard to see if anyone was coming when we were backing out of the driveway in one of our normal-human sized cars like John Stamos.

With the alleged adults more or less off on their own and the next kid in line about to start driving, it was time to trade in the van, get a new set of wheels for Mom and make John Stamos (who is fifteen years old now) the kid car.

While we are sad the OKJ era is over, I am very pleased with my new-to-me red 2019 Highlander. For today's list, a rundown of the new car's possible names:

1. Nothing, why name a car? Ha! Do you even know me? I just reminded you about Overkill Jones and John Stamos and I may have mentioned my Vespa named Giacomo once or twice.

2. Ruby. Works because of the car color but one of our good friends is named Ruby and we thought that might get confusing.

3. Cherry? Trite. How about Maraschino? Definite maybe.

4. She name is Wosie. A little girl I used to take care of would name many of her baby dolls "Rosie" and introduce them to me by saying "She name is Wosie." I could name the car Rosie, I suppose, but I'd always want to say "Wosie" and my husband pointed out we'd actually want to always call it "She name is Wosie" and that . . . that might just be too much.

5. Beatrice Brown. When I was eighteen, my path was fortunate enough to cross with that of an older woman named Beatrice Brown, from Baltimore. She told me that red is a power color, and that she had seven red cars. Initially I thought she meant all at once, I later realized she probably meant over the years . . . but I like the story better thinking about her stepping outside and deciding which red car to use on any given day.

My husband tried looking her up with the limited information I had and found an obituary online. I cannot say with 100% certainty that the obituary he found is hers, but it includes this:

" . . .  she attended a concert featuring Louis Armstrong at the Royal Theatre and the legendary Satchmo invited her to come to the stage saying “Lady with the red hat, won’t you come down and dance with me?” 

Come on--that's got to be my Beatrice Brown, right? AND that places me two degrees from Satchmo, so I'm sticking with it.

Welcome to the family, Beatrice Brown.


  1. I love the stories behind the names and I was kinda rooting for Ruby until I got down to Ms. Brown. She is indeed honored my this name!

  2. Love this. We have a Civic named Claus, a Volvo named Brandy, my beloved Solara was Stella (RIP), a Prius named Wesley, and a Ford Focus named Carmine. Dare I say I have a "creative kid" who insisted on naming them all?
    I love Beatrice Brown and her story. May you drive her in good health and safety.