Friday, June 28, 2019

Five on Friday: First of the Epic Road Trip Posts

We're big fans of the summer family road trip. We usually spend lots of time driving in Overkill Jones, see a ton of sights and have loads of fun in ten days or less.

It's cute how our van looks small in this picture.  It can seat fifteen, thus the name Overkill.

Until this year.

Daddy-O has wanted for years to take us all across the country, something he's done twice but I've never done. I was unsure about a nearly three-week road trip but agreed this was the right year to do it: with our oldest going to college in August, it'd be a great "last hurrah" of sorts.

We are one week in and everything is going really well so far. We left New Jersey last Friday and I'm now checking in from Moab, Utah. We've been sightseeing in cities and National Parks, have stayed in hotels, campgrounds and cabins.

Naturally this week's list is going to be five highlights of the trip so far and I hope you like it because surely I'll be doing similar posts for the next two weeks.

1. We love taking "family selfies" (aka felfies) everywhere we go. People frequently offer to take our picture for us but we enjoy the challenge of trying to get seven people in one selfie and we give ourselves bonus points for creativity. Also, every time I said "we" I meant "my husband and I." Not all of the kids are as enthusiastic about this habit.

At the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, we pulled up the "Corn Cam" on my phone and took a screen shot of ourselves on the Corn Cam! That's at least five extra points for creativity.

2. Ranger at Badlands: "What group is this?"
    Us: "Our family."

3. Another creative felfie (look closely!)

4.  Van ride conversation between 11-year-old Z and 18-year-old B. It's gross and hysterical: 

      Z: Ever have booger spit?
      B: Uh, phlegm?
      Z: Booger spit.
      B: Phlegm.
      Z: Booger spit.
      B: Phlegm.
      Z: Okay, phlegm. I *love* it.

5. Best part of any road trip is lots of sibling snuggling. The cold overnight temperatures at Yellowstone really helped encourage this and I'm glad:

Tune in again next week for more laughs, pictures and maybe something else gross one of my kids says!

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