Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign . . .

I have no written "Five on Friday" list this week. I feel like the picture lists are a cop-out but then I look at the number of views and it turns out people like pictures! No reading required! But since a picture's worth a thousand words, I guess you can count this as reading five thousand words today! Go you!

There seem to be a lot of literal and figurative signs in my life lately. Here are five of them:

1. The Vagina Monologues! Here's the poster for the show I'll be performing in. I've been dutifully hanging posters and postcards with this image on it all around town:

2. This was a sign to me that maybe a cookie-ice cream sandwich wasn't the greatest choice for a birthday dessert since the frozen cookie was impossible to stick candles in (or maybe this is a sign that my husband is really clever since he figured out how to get the candles in like this!)

3. Here's a sign that my younger son learned a lesson from his older brother: "Don't try to forge a name you can't spell." (E tried to sign my name on a school paper last year and misspelled my last name.)

4. I always say my youngest is like a cartoon character or sitcom kid, she acts in a way real kids don't really act. This is how she looked walking into her preschool class today, looking an awful lot like a character in a kids' picture book we read recently. I took it as a sign that she might actually be a cartoon.

5. And, lastly, the best sign yet. My oldest daughter made this awesome sign for my mismatched sock box. I love it so much but now I constantly have the Beatles song stuck in my head. It's worth it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday: Another Week, Another Birthday Boy

Our favorite Clueless Smarty Pants, the Absent Minded Professor is becoming a teenager! (Yikes) Here are some of my favorite quotes from him over the years:

1. Me: "WHY did you throw a rock at your friend????" Him (age 3 or 4): "I was AIMING for my SISTER"

2. (age 8) "It makes me feel kind of insignificant that so far my life savings equals about fifty two dollars."

3. (age 9) "My Sunday morning routine is to go out for the comics, cross the street, look in the mailbox, remember the mailman doesn't put the paper in the mailbox, cross back again and pick the paper up from the driveway so I can come in and read the comics. It's comforting to have routines."

4. (age 10) "I thought of what a really cool job would be...Universe Narrator."

 5. (age 11, after getting the book "Nerd Haiku" and deciding to write his own)

Built a light saber
Powered by the Dark Crystal
Sued by Jim and George

Happy 13th, G. Can't wait to hear what you say this year to crack us up.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday: Adorable Quotes from My Adorable Birthday Boy

First of all, let me tell you a little about this kid and how in love with him I am. Not only is he physically beautiful, he is also the sweetest soul. He's always looking out for his friends and consistently the first one to offer help to adults or kids. For his upcoming seventh birthday party, he thought he might want a theme of either sports . . . or baby animals. I keep telling him he’s so cute I’m going to eat his face. (I know. It’s weird. I can’t help it.)

Now when he’s saying something cute and I’m staring at him he can TELL that I’ve turned into Sylvester Cat and he’s Tweety Bird and my overactive imagination has turned him into a delectable little roast chicken on the bird swing and he shouts, “Mom!! Stop!”

In honor of his birthday, here are some of the cutest things he’s ever said for today’s Five on Friday. If he really doesn't want me to threaten to eat his face, he needs to try harder than this:

1. (Age 3) We saw a group of Black and White teenagers walking down the road and he said "Look at those brothers!" I said, "They might not be brothers" and he replied, "Well they look like brothers to me."

2. (Age 4) "Mommy, who my boyfriend?" "I don't know, who's your boyfriend?" "You."

3. (Age 5) He picked up a little brown skinned Fisher Price person and said, "This guy looks like me." He hadn't really ever made any references to race differences on his own before so this piqued my interest and I asked, "Oh yeah? How does he look like you?" He answered, "Big smile."

4. (Age 6) "Everybody's my best friend. I don't have a best friend."

5. (Last night) "Am I done? Mommy said three more bites." Daddy O: "I think you could probably take another three bites." He gave a little double snap and finger guns and said, "Mommy's older than you" and walked away.

Self Portrait: Brushing his teeth with a shirt on that says "I'M COOL."


Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday: Grown Ups Say the Darndest Things

Things I've actually said to my kids in the past month or so:

1. You haven’t washed your hands since getting off the bus and you want to touch cheese? I don't think so.

2. If  your sister has a dead gerbil, I don't want to know anything about it.

3.  Did you just crazy face me? I’ll come out to the bus stop and moon you if you want to have a reason to crazy face me.

4.  Well let that be a life lesson for you: sometimes if you bite someone they’re not going to want to be your shower buddy anymore.

5. Since none of you actually speaks Korean, I’m going to ban any arguing over what the real words are to "Gangnam Style."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday: I Got Nothing (Pic Heavy)

I am always jotting down ideas for Five on Friday lists. Currently I have several different lists with two, three or four items on them--not going to work. So instead I share some recent snapshots of my life:

1. I like looking at the paw prints on my slippery runs through the park:

2. Homemade birthday gift for our fun and snarky next door neighbor:

3. Recently participated with my two older kids and some friends in "Feed the Need" which is an event at a local church where volunteers get to package thousands of meals for the  "Feed My Starving Children" organization ( We'll definitely be doing it again.

4. I just love this card my 8 year old son made for another neighbor's birthday. 

5. Vagina Monologues rehearsals are underway! (For more pictures or info: or

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five On Friday: Five Stories of Compassion

Thanks to Dawn at Hardlybored I've learned that today is the UN World Day of Social Justice and there's a FB group called 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion sharing stories of compassion with the hashtag ‪#‎1000Speak
So for today's Five on Friday list, I am going to share five essays I've written with compassion as a theme with the subcategories being: 

2. Teaching it to kids:

5. (my favorite) From other people:

Be sure to search #1000Speak for other stories of compassion from around the world today!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Five On Friday: This Old House (Hey, Part #3!) More Found Objects

Last week's post was so fun and then I realized I had so many other things around the house that we've found in the house and woods that I decided to have another This Old House installment for Five on Friday!

1. You say rusty rake head, I say a place to hang my hat.

 2. My husband thinks this is something that may have been used for ice harvesting. (Like

3. Okay so that watering can on the left might be a little beat up, but it's fine for my collection of metal watering cans that I don't actually use.

4. The pink poodle on the right was down by the formerly creepy spring house (see last week). She  became fast friends with my lamp Fifi.

5. This giant metal something or other (heating grate?) was found near the garden by my husband. Now it lives on as a pot rack in my kitchen. Awhile after this was hung the inner circle was also found but that hasn't been repurposed yet.

And now you know why when I'm in a redecorating or landscaping mood I sometimes take a walk in the woods to see if I can find anything great to use.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Five On Friday: This Old House; Old House Charm

The second part in what might only be a two-part series of Five on Friday features about our home. It was originally built in 1787, had an addition in the early 1900s and then another addition just last year. People always want to know if we've ever found or experienced anything interesting living in such an old house. Here are some of the more charming things we've found living here:

1. In the stone spring house on our property (which is beautiful) we found this creepy as hell dirty old doll surrounded by mud, glass and deer bones.

So pretty
What nightmares are made of

 2. Down near the spring house and stream we are constantly finding pieces of broken plates and teacups, old bottles, etc. One time I found a piece that was the perfect seal from the underside of a platter. All of the words were completely intact, including the town name where it was made. That town name also happened to be my husband and kids' last name. (That sort of sealed the idea of putting an addition on instead of moving to a bigger home.)

3. We have built in vampire protection.

4. There are Roman Numerals stamped into the beams.

5. One time when B was young, maybe five or so, she started telling me about the girl she sees on the stairs. "The girl?" "Yes, she has an old-fashioned hairstyle." I was immediately convinced she had been seeing a ghost on the stairs. "Do you want to come see her?," she asked me. "I'm sure I can't, but okay," I replied. And she brought me to this paint chip on the kick plate of one of the stairs. "See? See the old fashioned hair?" (I didn't then and I still don't now. Soon she will be sanded and painted over. Sorry, girl on the stairs.)