Friday, November 25, 2022

Five on Friday: One Week of Driving; Two Ways

It's been approximately one week of driving my new car, Beatrice Brown. Coincidentally, it's also about a week of our third child having his driving permit. No, he may not drive Beatrice Brown, he gets the already-beat-up car with no bells and whistles to learn on.

Some observations about my new car along with my tips for parents of new drivers:

On Beatrice Brown:

1. My friends are congratulating me and asking me how I like Bea or Beatrice. No. She is Beatrice Brown. We never called John Stamos just John, right? (People, you already know I'm a weirdo. This should not be a surprise that I have rules about my car's name.)

2. It turns out I *do* like some bells and whistles in my car!! I knew I'd like heated seats--do I ever!!--but I didn't know how much I'd like the trunk that opens with a push of a button or the little lights on my sideview mirror to show me that there's a car in my blindspot. 

3. Daddy-O made me a bracelet from the license plate that was on Overkill Jones. It only felt right to wear it for Beatrice Brown's first road trip! 

Alleged adults, here we come!

Tips for parents of new drivers:

4. Before I got in the car with my son for the first time, I reviewed my lessons from driving with my first two teens:

a. Lean in. Many new drivers tend to hug the right side of the road, making the passenger feel very, very close to mailboxes and trees. Just lean in to the left a little, you'll feel better.

b. Hold on. When they do something scary and you quickly grab for the door or grab handle (there's a reason it's called that), that action can make the young driver more nervous. My tip: start holding on as soon as the ride starts and you can just imperceptibly tighten your grip when things get scary.

5. I've come up with a new tip! Turns out this kid is a pretty good driver! I barely had to lean in or hold on tight. However, I realized it was good that I had my sunglasses on because then he didn't realize when I was scared enough to close my eyes.

Husband: How'd he do?
Me: Pretty good! I only closed my eyes a few times.
Husband: You do that when I drive, too.
Me: Well then I guess he drives as well as an adult!

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