Friday, November 11, 2022

Five on Friday: Parenting Via Text

Modern parenting includes lots of text communication. No, it's not just with the grown ones who don't live here anymore, it's not just when I'm at work . . . sometimes it's when we're in the same house but different rooms.

Some recent examples for this week's list:

1. Yes, she has a chromebook from school that she could work on in a different room but she clearly wanted to annoy to her older brother . . . and she knew that last line would cinch her case.

She wasn't wrong.

2. When they were small, I can remember walking in the door and having children run up and tell me they were hungry while their father was in the same room saying, "I AM RIGHT HERE."

Some things never change.

3. While the example above is one of pure laziness, the one that follows is of a completely appropriate time to text your parent from a different room in the house.

Poor guy . . . but you should know that a subsequent text was to me, while I was at work, asking about what medicine to take. His father was in the other room at the time.

4. Sometimes I text random memes that I find amusing to the alleged adults. Usually they humor me (the memes and the offspring) but sometimes I get this:

5. But then he makes up for it with texts like this:

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