Friday, October 22, 2021

Five on Friday: It's Time I Told You About Pete

One year ago this month, a Halloween card arrived to the museum where I work. 

Aside from the fact that candy corn is revolting, it was a nice little card. Only problem was, I didn't know any Petes. I gave the card to the former curator and sent a card back, giving him the updates on the museum including information on the staffing change.

Remember when I told you about my fun relationship with my associate curator? She once said something that I thought I had on this list, which was something along the lines of "You somehow always attract the weirdest people." (Spoiler: it's not actually on the list, I guess I was thinking of #2.)

But both of those apply to what then transpired, which was that Pete became my weird quirky penpal and I became his equally weird quirky one in return. He has consistently sent me cards, letters, stickers, paper confetti, magnets, candy . . . even DVDs! I am sometimes confused by what he sends but I am also always very delighted.  I'm going to share some of what he's sent to me for today's list:

1."I am sometimes confused by what he sends but I am also always very delighted." 

2. We had some jokes about Bob Ross going at one point. He also sent some Bob Ross magnets that now adorn the museum kitchen.

3. Sometimes there are some . . . let's say unconventional choices like letters written on the back of used paper bags. But as someone who has recently questioned--twice--for her own self--where the line is between creativity and insanity. . . who am I to judge, really?

4. After he sent me this Christmas card, I mentioned that I initially didn't want to give the movie Elf a try but now I really do enjoy it. That started a few more Elf-inspired correspondences including, most recently, not one but two Will Farrell DVDs. (I'm not sure how I feel about the second one.)

5. He recently sent a "Pete the Cat" book, inexplicably cut off at the bottom (to fit in the envelope?) with no note.

By this point you must be thinking, "But Gina, surely you haven't been quite so . . . so . . . so . . . unusual unusually creative in your responses!"

Friends, I've mentioned that I'm struggling to keep up with everything lately. I can't find time for working on my memoir. The kids need Halloween costumes. Everyone needs dinner. And yet recently I found myself alone in the kitchen at an ungodly hour of the morning cutting, gluing and giggling like crazy as I altered the book to make this.

This detail in particular is why I was cracking myself up.
Happy Anniversary, Pete. I hope you like it.

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