Friday, November 13, 2020

Five on Friday: Coworker Love (& Laughs)

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy my job as the curator for our small local museum. This job is such a good fit for me—it provides me the opportunity to combine many of my interests: love of antique/vintage items, event planning, decorating (because really, what is setting up an exhibit if not a form of decorating?), connecting with community, learning local history.


The icing on the cake is that my assistant and I make a wonderful team. I tend to rush things, she pays great attention to detail. She slows things down to the point of driving us both crazy over minutiae, I insist on deadlines. Dream team! (Honestly, we bring lots of complementary skills to the table.)


We also have wildly different lifestyles. I’m a foul-mouthed atheist tattooed mother of five who loves the spotlight and she is . . . not any of those things. I smile whenever I get to hear her curse a little (maybe it’s because I’m proud of the bad influence I am?) and I laugh out loud every time we work together.


I’ve been secretly writing down funny things we've said for a future Five on Friday list. Most of the things that we laugh at would only be funny to us, so the list has held steady at four for a good long while.


Yesterday she said something that made me laugh out loud and then exclaim in delight, “THAT’S FIVE!” 


Here they are. I hope I'm correct in thinking that at least a few of these might make someone else smile besides us two:


1. Her: I think I saw this (thing we were about to attempt) in an article about why men die first.


2. Her: You don’t always have to be the weirdest one in the room. 

Me: You’re dead to me.


3. Her: When I send people the thumbs up emoji, what I’m actually sending is the middle finger .(Sure, I like to claim I’m a bad influence, but this was all her.)


4. Me: I’ll be upstairs cleaning, blasting music, moving furniture and cursing. 

Her: Maybe you should have a safe word if you need help. 

Me: Um . . . I’ll probably just shout “help!”


5. Her: I’m not going to buy a flag for my truck about it or anything.


Here we are at the root beer float taste test that we let someone else organize and then learned that they did not write down which numbers coordinated to which root beer brands. Not even the craziest or funniest thing we've done together. #blessed










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