Friday, October 15, 2021

Five on Friday: Hold on to This Feeling

I always feel sort of cheesy when I recycle weekly themes here. Then I laugh at myself because it's not like anyone is grading me on this, or forcing me to do it or paying me or anything. (Did I ever tell you how this whole thing could potentially be monetized with ads? Not to brag or anything but one of the first essays I posted was so popular Google thought I was cheating them. So I'm entertaining you for free, people. For free!)

But I digress. Back to reducing and reusing.

Last week I was gushing about how excited and grateful I was for my upcoming weekend trip to visit my college kids and this week I'm going to tell you how great it was. It's not only so I don't have to come with more creative content (for no pay!) but considering that I returned from a few refreshing days away and jumped right back into "just euthanize me if we ever try to sign the kids up for five teams in one season again" mode, I'd like to hold on to this feeling for a little longer.

Here are some highlights from my trip:

1. Me: Ugh, I need to get a way for a few days I'm so tired of thinking about food and shopping and taking care of everyone.

Also me: Mommy's here! Let me take you food shopping.

To be fair, though, all I did on this shopping trip was drive, advise and pay.
I didn't even insist on being the one to push the cart!

2.  Also ugh, but in a "this mama's heart almost can't take it" sort of way: these two go to college in the same city and run into each other accidentally and get together on purpose and generally get along. 

These kids grown-ups!! Ugh!

3. I got to visit to an art museum and have a personalized tour led by the cool new intern (my daughter).  I enjoyed some really amazing exhibits and had a lot of fun with my two alleged adults.

You can take the alleged adults out of Rumspringa . . . 

4. I was able to spend my daughter's twenty-first birthday with her doing lots of great things together--from stealthily popping mini champagne bottles at the hotel breakfast buffet to flea marketing, vintage shopping, lunch at a Peruvian restaurant (with more stealthy champagne bottle popping), to bingo at a Moose-Lodge-turned-college-town-bar and more. I regretfully returned her to her dorm a little after ten, apologizing for such a boring twenty-first birthday and she said, "You gave me alcohol with every meal today, we had a lot of fun, none of my friends are twenty-one yet and I do have class tomorrow. It was a great birthday."


5. On my last morning I slept in (7:30! Yeah baby!), lounged around a bit and then headed out for a little bit of solo sightseeing. The weather was gorgeous for doing one of my favorite things . . . riding the Duquesne Incline! I realized on my ride up that I had this huge, stupid smile on my face. Was it because I have an inexplicable obsession with funiculars that gets me disproportionately happy or because I just had an absolutely amazing weekend? I'm going with a little bit of both.

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