Friday, October 8, 2021

Five on Friday: Who's Spoiled Now?

1. Somebodies around here have a kitchen stocked with homemade chicken pot pie, soup and muffins.

2. Some other bodies have homemade chicken pot pie, soup and muffins all packed up and ready to be hand delivered to them.

3. The college students will be receiving some requested items from home that Mom had to dig through drawers, closets and even a bin in the storage space known as the "closet-closet" to find. (*Bonus: a certain bff from home will also be getting some things thanks to some double-Mom power action!)
It's a closet . . . inside a closet!

4. A birthday-this-weekend girl  young woman is going to be spoiled with presents from home and fun outings and shopping planned with Mom.

5. "Why are you going to Pittsburgh all by yourself?"
    "Um. . . because I want to!"

Maybe I'll even go on a funicular ride! I'll sing the entire time.

. . . and I cannot find the words to express how filled with joy and gratitude I am in anticipation of this upcoming weekend. How lucky am I that both of my college students go to the same school? And that I can take a day off from work and a couple of days off from all the stress I've felt at home recently trying to coordinate and keep up with entirely too many commitments, to spend five hours in a car alone, two (two!!!) nights in a nice hotel in a city I love so that I can spend time with two people that I made, adore and miss . . . and I get to celebrate my daughter's 21st (!!!!!!!!) birthday with her with by going to a flea market, her favorite vintage shops AND 21+ over Bingo night! 

And those outings were all her choices, believe it or not, because she is so my daughter.

So who's spoiled now? (Answer: me. I think it might be me.)

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