Friday, August 20, 2021

Five on Friday: Giacomo the Vespa? I'm Glad You Asked!


Me: Oh! You’re wondering about my Vespa because I haven’t said a single word about him or posted any pictures on instagram in so, so long? I am so sorry. Let me oblige you!

After a strong start to the season, riding (unfortunately) became a little sporadic. With a big family to cart around, there are only so many opportunities in any given week for me to choose Giacomo the Vespa as my mode of transportation as opposed to say, John Stamos the Toyota or Overkill Jones the Ford.

Then we had a stretch where on the days that I could ride but then there were so many thunderstorms. Then we went on vacation, then they oil and chipped the road (which would be terrible to ride on) and then came the woeful day my husband said “holy shit I didn’t realize just how bald the tires had gotten, don’t drive that.”

But now!!!

Reunited . . . and it feels so good!

Back on, baby! Here are some Giacomo experiences I wanted to share:

1. Earlier this summer, someone told me she had been considering getting a moped for her daughter but had some concerns. "Are drivers around here assholes?" she asked, wondering if car drivers do mean/dumb/scary things to those of us on two dainty wheels.

"They're really not,"  I said, " . . . but sometimes motorcyclists don't give me the wave, the special little motorcycle wave that they give to each other!" 

I was indignant. Everyone laughed that that was my biggest worry about other drivers . . . then I had to laugh, too.

2. Speaking of "the wave" . . . I find myself wanting to wave at anyone driving any sort of vehicle, two wheels or four, that seems like it's something really special and fun to them (think antique convertibles, that sort of thing) like Giacomo is to me. Frequently I do. They are probably confused.

3. I forgot how much I love when little kids tell me things like, "I wike your pink motow-cycle."

4. Ditto: how much I love watching how many people slow down, in vehicle or on foot, to admire Giacomo and his stickers. Sometimes they take pictures.

5. While I might not have posted much of him on Instagram lately, he did make a cameo on my favorite local coffeeshop's story recently! Reaching local legend status, for sure.

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