Friday, August 27, 2021

Five on Friday: Breaking It Down Instead of (Before?) Breaking Down

I find myself in one of my "constantly on the verge of overwhelmed" stages that I frequently cycle through. It's been feeling increasingly difficult to keep up with everything lately and I have my theories why (college students not here to help me, sports schedules filling up the calendar . . . but that's not what today's list is about).

While driving our youngest to her dental cleaning recently, I admitted that I was feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to do all the things. 

"Just don't do them," advised the child who needed her teeth cleaned, two other appointments made, has a school supply list that needs to be attended to and really would like me to take her shopping and to the county fair and to arrange for a sleepover.

What started out as a moment of me attempting to humanize myself for my child--you know, chip away a little at this Dynamom fa├žade and get her to remember I'm a real person under there--morphed into a discussion on coping mechanisms. I hope she remembers some of them but even if she doesn't, it was a good reminder for myself that I have them and need to employ them.

They include:

1. First, foremost and overall: Breaking. It. Down. I'm a big list maker--I have to be, I can't possibly be expected to remember all of it in this one little brain. (To be honest, sometimes things are written down and still get forgotten, so . . . )

Anyway, when that list gets to be too much, I just have to break it down. There are some things that do just get removed (my daughter would be glad to know unless of course it's something she wanted from me). Then I prioritize the remainder, bumping the more important things higher up on the list.

2. Looking at my entire schedule and finding my pockets of time to do things: making a call on my walk, answering some emails while the kid was getting her teeth cleaned. Now I can cross "dentist appointment" and "answer emails" off the list. Two birds, one stone.

3. That being said, I keep some time in that I'm not doing something. Could I be getting more done in the morning with my coffee when I'm the only one awake? Technically yes, but . . . no. I need a little time to not be doing something for someone else. 

Combine #2 & 3: Take nap in van while kids at Kumon. DONE.
Combining tips #2 & 3: napping in van while kids inside at tutoring. Boom.

4. Oh, village! I need a little help right now, post-college students going back to school and pre-younger kids starting school and activities. I've been calling on you big time lately, thanks for having my back. I'll be back on the giving end soon, promise.

5. Lastly, I also need to cyclically remind myself that every dinner does not have to be an event. Charcuterie board, leftovers, frozen pizza, sandwiches are all completely acceptable meals. 

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