Friday, July 10, 2020

Five on Friday: Vespa Playlist

"My husband says I post and talk about Giacomo the Vespa too much . . . "

Just because the one and only souvenir I purchased on our recent vacation was for my Vespa and not, for example, for my friend watching my dog for the week . . . doesn't mean I'm obsessed. It means Sandwich is a funny name for a town and belongs on Giacomo's top box sticker collection.

So, what if I am a little bit obsessed? It's his fault anyway and I could have worse habits. Perhaps I shall just embrace my fixation on my vehicle and write my second Vespa post in less than a month.  I mentioned in my previous post that I am undecided on if I feel comfortable listening to music under my helmet so for now I just spend my ride thinking. Sometimes I think about the playlist I would listen to if I did listen to music on my rides. So far it looks like this:

1. Macklemore's Downtown: Maybe twice because it's so fun . . . once at the beginning and then again at the end? That could work.

2. Coffee Break Italian: Okay so technically this is a podcast (that teaches Italian) and I don't know if you can add a podcast to a playlist. Maybe if I download some episodes I can then put them on the playlist? Or maybe I should just listen to the music playlist sometimes and the podcast other times. Generally it's difficult for me to find time to listen to podcasts so when I'm alone riding would really be the perfect time. Better yet would be if I could just, like, take a pill and know how to speak the language. Has that been invented yet?
3. Bo Diddley's Road Runner: while as a family we're partial to the other Roadrunner song by the Modern Lovers, Bo Diddley's version has a steady background chorus of "Beep! Beep!" and I do love beeping at small animals while I ride.

4. Selected favorites from Putumayo's Italian CafĂ© but replacing their version of  Tu vuo' fa l'Americano with the version from The Talented Mr. Ripley (a movie that really I don't like, actually, as the plot makes me anxious and uncomfortable but oh, that scenery and costuming! And so many vintage Vespas! Drool.)

5. ZoomZoom Zoom: Wrong language but still sounds pretty and naturally zoom, zoom, zoom is fun to sing when driving a Vespa. I realized recently why hand grip accelerating is so satisfying and sort of nostalgic . . . because when I was a kid at the height of Evil Knievel mania, having one of those motorcycle noise-making grips on your bike to rev up was just the ultimate in coolness.

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