Friday, July 3, 2020

Five on Friday: A Somewhat Seventies Summer

With no camp and other unexpected limitations on fun this summer, we're making our own fun in a somewhat Seventies summer. (I'd say completely Seventies except I'm not whipping up red Kool-Aid or popping Valium. Then again, if I've learned anything  from my kids' grade school, it is to never underestimate the "Power of Yet.")

But in other ways, this summer's definitely got a seventies vibe thus far:

1. Hammocks and lounge chairs (it's one of those retro plastic kinds you can send your foot right through and have to send the ends all the way into the middle and then back out in order to move adjust the angle. So seventies!)  

2. Ice Pops and skateboards, sometimes at the same time. Because why not?

3. Kids and neighbor kids hopping on bikes and disappearing for an hour or two at a time

4. Drinking straight out of the garden hose, or at least when it's not hooked up to the Slip n' Slide.

5. Sparklers!

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