Friday, July 17, 2020

Five on Friday: Adaptation

The current times and season have necessitated some creative adaptation. Here are a few recent examples from my life:

1. First it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer that was impossible to find. Then flour, yeast and dry beans. Things seemed to get back to normal but then every once in awhile I want to buy something and it's wiped out (baking powder, graham crackers). I guess there was a good run on those grahams for awhile because the supermarket was prompted to hang this sign:

Some of these options don't sound all that appealing . . .

2. Then we found some! But after a long day of fun, I just was not in the mood to start a campfire solely for the purpose of making s'mores. "But Mom! You promised!"

Et voila:

Bonus: My hair didn't stink like a campfire afterwards

3. Heat wave + beach closures + social distancing = even more appreciation for living where we do

4. No more big garden + still wanting to grow some food=container gardening on the deck

Same joy, less work

5. Summer time + thunderstorm + power outage = glow stick party

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