Friday, May 4, 2018

Five on Friday: Things That Are Supposed To Bother Me but Don't

Two weeks ago I revealed that I don't mind being truthful about my age as I get older even though there seems to be a pervasive cultural norm of avoiding answering that question or joking about it (29 Again!!)

I realized that there are a few other things that don’t bother me that seem to annoy a lot of other people around my age, like:

1. Grey hair: okay, this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the not lying about my age thing, I guess . . . but not only do I not mind grey hair, I love mine. I've always aspired to having one of these hairstyles:

 . . . and much to my hairdresser-sister's chagrin, I am totally getting there.

2. Man buns! I think I am supposed to hate these. I don't. It's about time men had some more hairstyle options!

3.  Being overdressed. I'd rather go to the supermarket in a tiara than show up  in jeans at a party where nobody else was wearing them. I'm fancy like that.

4. Heat! I love it. Even the super-hot and humid summer days when everyone else is melting. I think I'm made for that weather. I never, ever complain about it being too hot (and because of that, feel completely justified in whining about the cold).

5. Wearing shoes in the house. People keep sharing articles and videos on how disgusting it is but the thing is: I don't care. My feet get cold. I own many cute shoes that I enjoy wearing. I'm not a butterfly. I don't want the kids making massive piles of shoes blocking the door. The list goes on and on . . .

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