Friday, April 20, 2018

Five on Friday: Happy It's My Birthday

I thought I was going to feel different by this age. More . . . adult-like. I thought for sure I'd understand things like escrow and and the appeal of The Bridges of Madison County. (I still don't but to be fair I haven't tried reading it again.)

I also thought maybe I'd shed my belief that lying about your age is stupid.  I'll be turning 44 this weekend and not only will I continue to not lie about my age, I'll be happy to tell everyone because:

1. BACK TO AN EVEN NUMBER, BABY! (Apparently I haven't outgrown my weird hatred of odd numbers yet either)

2. Not just any even number but 44! That's half of 88! That's super great! 8 is the best number of all time!

3. I'll be kicking off the birthday celebration with a bang: fasting and blood work! Oh yeah baby, oldish ladies know how to party.

4. I just got an Instant Pot and one of the first recipes I happened across was for Angel Food cake, which is my usual birthday dessert request. I'm taking that as a sign and bought the ingredients.

5. I'll be ending the day in prison and I can't wait. Huh? The inside (incarcerated) half of my social justice theatre troupe has written, produced and directed their own show and will be performing it for the other women in prison. I went through the proper volunteer training so I will be allowed access in to see it. They've worked really hard on every single step of this show. I've known them vicariously for years so meeting them and watching them perform will be a great way to top off my birthday.

Gratuitous baby pic of the birthday girl

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  1. Happy birthday. And it took me reading Bridges and watching it before I really appreciated it!