Friday, April 27, 2018

Five on Friday: Birthday Cards from the Kids

A quick, easy, pic-heavy Five on Friday today because:

1. I don't have any other ideas
2. It's been a busy week
3. I like extending my birthday celebration
4. These cards are really sweet and special
5. I didn't have to cajole a single child to make me one!!!

Hey, wait a minute, I just wrote a list of five there. Looks like today's a double feature! Here are my birthday cards from the kids this year:

1. From 7-year-old A: I think she drew this picture a long time ago and just wrote Happy B-Day on it that morning. Still counts, still adorable:

2.  10-year-old Z doesn't like drawing much and insists he "can't do bubble letters." His older sister had taught him how the day before so this card not only got bubble letters, it got bubble balloons (and it's funny, too):

3. 12-year-old E knows you don't need to spend money to give someone a nice gift! I am holding him to this, a promise for one kid free chat with my BFF:

4. From 16-year-old G, who also rode his bike to the gas station to buy me some candy (he's turning out all right, that kid):

 5. Pop-up 44 flowers from 17-year-old B, who really gets me ("even once more! And halfway to possibly the greatest age ever!")

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