Friday, February 23, 2024

Five on Friday: Texts with the Teens

I know I'm not the only one that relies on text messaging to communicate with my teens, even when we're all in the same house. I could lament this is a lack of face-to-face conversation or I could appreciate the fact that it provides me with running commentary, proof that I *did* ask them to do something and endless entertainment that I can refer back to again and again.

Here are some good ones I've gotten recently:

1. Out of nowhere from the 13-year-old:

2. I was watching my 15-year-old son play basketball (what a surprise, I know) and saw him slam into the wall, slide down and lie in a crooked-necked heap on the floor. Right then and there, I texted our chiropractor for an appointment and then sent my son a message to let him know he'd be going the next morning. After the game, he saw it and responded:
(Trust me, this is high praise)
3.  13-year-old, again, trying to convince me to get a puppy:

4. After an allegedly successful thrift shop outing:
(Modern teen problems)

5. What about the 17-year-old, you might ask? Oh don't worry. He texts me plenty, too . . 



Friday, February 9, 2024

Five on Friday: Appreciation Post

Lately I've been very much appreciating:

1. Watching the basketball coaches on the sidelines of games. I recently realized that I enjoy this the same way I enjoy watching the High School band directors conducting at concerts. Passionate, involved, actively participating and obviously invested but not a part of the team (or band). I dig it. 

Not the best example but I felt sort of creepy taking the video. But you can see what I mean, right? The pacing, the clapping . . . dude is definitely a part of the game while not part of the game.

2. Not working weekends. I didn't mind working on Saturdays at my old job and most of the time I actually liked it. But now that I have Saturdays off . . . well, I might like that even better.

3. Winter sunrises. It's been a mild winter (this pics is from the only snow we've had) but I still hate it and long for spring. That being said, I can't deny how gorgeous the winter sunrises are here.

4. Intergenerational friendships. Since I have so many friends that are older than me, as I'm approaching fifty I find myself thinking, "Only fifty? I'm still a baby!" 

5. Large scale art exhibits.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Five on Friday: January So Far

 Hey if the kids can do it on Instagram, I can do it here, right? 

1. Gratefully started the year once again by getting to wish the kids' Great Grandmother a Happy Birthday (#95!)

2.  A smaller milestone but still impressive . . .MLK Day #21

3.  Experienced some weather.

All three teens playing in the snow together. Joy!

4.  Started a puzzle. 

(Started being the operative word here.)

5. Okay . . this picture is from December. But PBS' Driving Jersey will be at Story Slam again tonight and I want to post this entry this morning so I'm taking liberties. See you at the slam tonight or PBS in a month or two.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Five on Friday: New Year, Old Me (?!)

It's 2024 and here I am, still trying to squeeze in exercise, not forget to pick kids up from sports,  plan a Day of Community Service in my quote unquote spare time. The one major difference is that I'm working outside of the home full-time now so let's just say there are some ongoing adjustments. 

1. Kid: "Mom, when do you go to the grocery store?" 
    Me: "I honestly don't even know."

2. I am finally and truly embracing frozen, canned and pre-made.

3. I am literally scheduling in time to schedule things.

4.  Answering even text messages now has a much longer turnaround time. Hang in there, friends, I swear I'll get back to you.

5. As soon as I get some stamps*, I swear this much smaller-than-usual stack of post-holiday cards are getting in the mail. Aaaaany day now.

*AND I couldn't even commit to finding time to stop at the post office.
 Stamps through the mail it is!

Friday, December 29, 2023

Five on Friday: How I Pass Time at Basketball Games

Sure, I spend a lot of time complaining about how much pain I'm in (unless I remember to bring my old lady seat), but how else do I pass time at the high school basketball games?

1. Confused.

2. Stealthily asking Siri to define basketball terms that one might think I'd know by now (See #1)

3. Thoroughly enjoying watching this guy in his element:

4. Likewise with this guy, the un/official team photographer:

5. Playing I spy in the ceiling beams:
Can you find one volleyball and three birdies?

Friday, December 15, 2023

Five on Friday: Texts from the Teens

 Presented for your enjoyment:

1. Is this a typo? 
Naurrrr, just some kidspeak.

2. To be fair, sometimes I speak a language they don't understand:

3. These are both from the same child. Not on the same day, I just think they're funny together:

4. When they were home and supposed be doing chores, I asked "How's the house looking?" One of my sweet darlings wrote back:

5. My favorite one, though, has to be this text that I got yesterday after zero discussion about molasses:

Friday, December 1, 2023

Five on Friday: Disagreements We've Had With the Teens Recently

1. If we are "literally the only parents in the world" that make their teens leave their phones outside of their bedrooms overnight on weeknights. (Note to kid: have we ever cared about being like the other parents?)

2. Whether or not this room is clean:

3. If the hermit crabs deserve to be fed every day even though the novelty of owning them has worn off (who ever could have predicted that?)

Here are some actual conversations for your reading pleasure:

4. (Time: approximately 3:00 pm) 
Us: You have to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
Him (annoyed)Yeah I know.
Us: Okay but you just admitted that you didn't brush your teeth last night or this morning.
Him (totally and absolutely disgusted and annoyed with us): Ugh, yeah, I know.
(End scene)

5. (Time: approximately 3:00 pm) 
Him: What's for dinner?*
Me: Leftovers.
Him (groaning): Leftovers are so mid.
Me: Well, they're what's for dinner.
Him (whining): But whhhhy though?
Me: We have leftovers because we didn't finish it the first time.
Him (without even knowing what tonight's leftovers will be): I didn't finish it because I didn't like it.

*This child has been asking me this question almost every day of his life. He has, on occasion, been even known to ask "What's for dinner tomorrow?"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Five on Friday: Funemployment to Full-Time Employment in a Flash

One of the great things about funemployment was the ability to travel without having to take time off from work, so that's what I did. The youngest and I spent a beautiful long weekend visiting the alleged adults, going out to eat, sightseeing, seeing a show, spending time with loved ones. 

And also getting a phone call with a job offer. I accepted and said yes, I'd jump right in. So that's how I went from funemployment to full time employment in a flash.

Lessons & take-aways from this first nearly-full week of full-time work:

1. I still hate doing supermarket shopping online and really don't think I'm going to use it.

2. I somehow bought bologna??? So maybe I should reconsider #1.  (In my defense, I think it was in the wrong grab & go slot. I know I was in the right section so I was only looking at the weight, not the name.)

3. Sitting at a desk for many hours for many days in a row makes my old bones ache. (I'm going to have to remember to take more frequent breaks!)

4. I really do have an amazingly wonderful, supportive and appreciative husband.

5. Starting a new job where you already know so many of the staff and volunteers is a wonderful feeling.