Friday, September 30, 2022

Five on Friday: Taking it Easy

It's been an emotionally draining week.

When a friend called and asked if she could do anything for me, I decided to try something new. I said yes. She was happy to complete a mundane task that was hanging over my head.

Boy, that was easy.

So I did it a second time. I also scheduled myself an appointment to get my nails done and  cancel some plans and commitments.  I actually had this week's Five on Friday post ready to go (absolutely unheard of) but what I had written just didn't feel right this week. 

I was going to just skip it entirely--hey, I've embraced cutting myself slack this week! But I realized that what did feel right is sharing a little beauty and joy through pictures with zero explanations, so here they are:


See you next week, friends. Be well and cut yourselves some slack when you need to.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Five on Friday: Not to Brag or Anything, But . . .

Some recent accomplishments at the Rumspringa Home for Children:

1. The bike shop congratulated our 14-year-old son for having "seriously the most messed up derailleur we've ever seen. Are you sure you weren't hit by a car?"

2. This same kid also creates the dirtiest uniform on the team

3. And while I'm busy not bragging, guess who's got two rubber-gloved thumbs and keeps managing to get his uniform clean? THIS GAL.

Yeah, I know, pride comes before the fall. Watch the JV game next week for that one kid in a white-ish uniform streaked with green and brown.

4. We haven't made it to a single Back to School Night four years running.

5. The alleged adults went to a concert together. They also got kicked out of a concert together before hearing a single note of music. They celebrated by getting coordinating "Phantom Limb" tattoos, an homage to the song they didn't get to hear live.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Five on Friday: Back in the Swing of Things

Dude, is this really only the first full week of school for all three home kids? Seems hard to believe considering we've already had:

1. One call from school nurse.

2. Ten calls for money (okay fine there were more but only ten that I've responded to).

3. Double overtime.

4. Meal planning! Prepping several meals for the week on Sunday! Aaaand . . . having those plans fly out the window due to JV game, carpool duty, emergency eye doctor appointment (see #1) and then the Varsity game going to double overtime (see #3) . Sandwiches for dinner it was!

5. "Mom? Can you get this clean?" (Twice so far.)

Note to self: time to start buying Oxi-Clean on a regular basis again.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Five on Friday: Remembering to Be Grateful for Little Things

Picture it: Tuesday morning after a long holiday weekend. It's the first day all three home kids are going to school full day this year and the weather is (comparatively) chilly, it's raining, the skies are dark. Oh and I had miserable insomnia the night before. Oh and it was the second night in a row like that.

Not a great start to the day but actually a great way to remember to be grateful for little things. I started paying attention to them that morning and have been noticing them all week. (It's a nice way to pass the time, try it!) 

I am so grateful for:

1. This new thrift score that's perfect for me . . . and that I have many days when I can sneak naps in!

2.  Rainy days providing me the opportunity to wear one of my vintage old-lady rain bonnets that I love so . . . and sit in the car at the bus stop with my girl. 
Bonus: a little boy in the neighborhood that I adore is a big kindergartener this year . . . he saw me and waved like wild. You can't see, so just imagine how damn cute he is.

3. Homemade chai tea latte with frothy milk (thanks to my new free immersion blender from the Buy Nothing page) and in travel mug given to me as a gift that was made at a local pottery studio. That's basically three grats in one!
I just realized it doesn't look all that frothy but that's because I sipped before I snapped the pic.

4.  Having that one song that can totally snap me out of a funk. This one's in heavy rotation lately:

5. Lastly, my heightened obsession with graveyards and my upcoming graveyard tours are keeping me happy and satisfied. Most gratifying has been my recent discoveries of two local Civil War vets . . . now their headstones are cleaned and they are properly honored.

SUPER DUPER BONUS! Last night I was driving through a neighborhood to pick a kid up and thought I saw something fall out of a tree, then realized it wasn't exactly a fall it was more of a swoop, like a bird would do. Then I thought "what kind of bird swoops at night?" and looked again and SAW THE MOST ADORABLE, BIG-EYED-BEANIE-BOO-LOOKING OWL EVER. I don't think I have ever seen an owl in the wild and this one was basically a stuffed animal come to life. I looked online when I got home and I am pretty sure it's this kind. I will never forget its cuteness.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Five on Friday: In Praise of the Big Kid

We currently have one college graduate, one college junior, one high school junior, one high school freshman and one seventh grader. So when I set up this snack table the other day, I'll admit . . . I cried. 

But just a little. Because I remembered how many times recently I thought to myself, "You know what? Having bigger kids can be pretty great, too."

So even though I do occasionally miss my tiny babies who didn't eye roll and sass talk and not answer my damn texts . . . I really do appreciate having tween, teen and adult kids, too. Like when:

1. I had a terrible night of sleep and needed a little nap but was supervising kids at the pool . . . but then remembered they're all tweens who were absolutely capable of playing responsibly and rousing me from my lounge chair catnap if needed! (Also I realized I could still utilize the "napping with one ear open" technique skills I honed when they were toddlers.) They played Marco Polo, I napped, we were all winners.

2. No more arranging childcare if we want to go out! They can totally watch themselves (and by that I mean hours of television . . . if I let them). 

3.  Likewise, the "home" kids (12, 14, 16) are old enough to prepare food for themselves. Most of the time I do try to make sure dinner is made for them on the nights I work late but if I can't get to it . . . they'll be fine.

4. The "away" kids text with frequency and I get to stay tuned in to the fun, amazing, weird, cool things they are doing. Sometimes they do them together which makes my heart sing. Except Even* when the oldest texts to say "Guess why G invited me over" and then sends this: 
*True, I didn't love this but . . . yeah, fine, this is totally a thing my friends and I would have done at their ages.

5. The best part of having bigger kids though? I think it might be getting messages like this: 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Five on Friday: Kid Check

For any of those trying to keep track . . .  here's an update on the kids' ages & stages, youngest to oldest:

1. The baby of the family turned twelve this summer and she is starting seventh grade next week. That's right, the BABY is in Junior High. (We don't actually call it that here but that makes it sound more dramatic, doesn't it?) She likes to spend her time perfecting her eye roll and finding new ways to bicker with me.

2. Youngest son (14)  just started his freshman year of High School. 
 He's excited about:
        a. sports
        b. meeting new people*
        c. sports and
        d. sports. 

He's not excited about:
        a. waking up early or 
        b. learning 

*particularly upper classmen who already know him because he's a great athlete and the younger brother of a great athlete

3. Middlest (16) is embarking on his junior year of High School but he hasn't had to suffer the wrath of the early morning alarm clock yet. He's enrolled in the polytech culinary program in the mornings and regular classes in the afternoons. However, polytech doesn't start until next week so for now he doesn't have go to school until 11:30.

Things he doesn't realize about the culinary program:
    a. Cooking is fun but this is still going to be school. And work.
    b. I will expect him to cook at home more now.

4. Oldest son (20) has maintained his first really steady summer job and is gearing up for his junior year of college. Based on the sorts of pictures he texts me, I'm pretty sure he's been very much enjoying life on his own in a fun city with friends and some spending cash.

5. Oldest daughter (21) graduated college in the spring, which was only the end of her junior year. She didn't exactly mean to do that, it just happened. She secured a summer fellowship at the Andy Warhol Museum and she is proud (as are we!) that she's credited in the publicity info for the upcoming show. 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Five on Friday: Welcome to Boomerville!

1. I can count on one hand how many times I've slept through the entire night this summer. 

And I don't have an infant. 

And when I got up to three nights of full sleep (not even in a row), it made me deliriously  happy.

2. I went food shopping before 8 am and I liked it. (
Except for the part when I nearly ran into something and then . . . )

3. I muttered "goddamn robots in the aisle" to myself. Fine, it was out loud, but it was quiet.

4. I had to ask my oldest kid for help with something on Instagram. 

5. Meanwhile, I also made some apparently absurd assumptions about what sort of SUPER BASIC* technology my 16-year-old would know how to handle:

*Clearly super basic to Boomers only. When I sent the above screen shot to the alleged adults thinking they'd want to make fun of their brother with me, my 20-year-old son said that he was defending his brother on this one and added "We want to move into a future where we can leave voicemails in the past."

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Five on Friday: Summer Crunch Time

Check these off the bucket list (completed in the last seven weeks approximately ten days):

1. Bowling:

Let it be known that this one time I beat my super athletes at a sport.

2. Beach:

3. 16-year-old finally started his "summer" job (August 10th)

4. Home family* swim and frog-catching extravaganza:

*As opposed to "whole" family since the oldest two are now alleged adults who don't live with us anymore. I guess we could get these little guys to take their places.

5. Forced family-friend fun! 
Don't be fooled, they only cooperated for this picture under the threat of no ice cream.