Friday, September 29, 2023

Five on Friday: Teens Say the Darndest Things

I realize I've been complaining about the teens a lot, but since I find stuff like this on the regular:

 . . . you can hardly blame me.

I thought it'd only be fair to also share the ways they've charmed me lately with the cute and funny things they've said (apparently toddlers haven't got the market cornered on that one!)

1. I was having an early morning argument discussion with my 13-year-old daughter over whether "I haven't ate" or "I haven't eaten" was correct. She finally told me that "I haven't eaten" just isn't the vibe.

2. Daddy-O was away overnight and I treated the teens to Chinese food (they're always asking for it). I told them that while I was picking it up, they had to get the dishes and drinks ready and I wanted them to pick out a movie for us to watch so we could have a fun special Chinese-food-eating movie-watching dinner. There was no eye rolling and I was pleased with the movie the 17-year-old chose: Pixar's Monsters University.

As if that wasn't cute enough, he then commented: "If college isn't like this, I don't want to go."

3. "Mom, can I wear one of Dad's sweatshirts? None of my sweatshirts are sweat-shirting."

4. "Can you get Babybel cheese?"

    "I will when they're on sale. I don't know why they're so expensive."

    "It's 'cuz they got that high quality wax!"

5.  Texted the boys before bed on the first school night after a holiday weekend, reminding them it was back to school the next day and that they should turn in soon. (Yes I texted them even though we were in the same house, doesn't everyone do that?) I then put my phone down and went to brush my teeth and read. I didn't realize until the next morning I got this from the 15-year-old:

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