Friday, September 15, 2023

Five on Friday: AITA?

 If you're not familiar:

What Does AITA Mean?

AITA means "Am I The Asshole?." The abbreviation AITA is widely used on social media with the meaning "Am I The Asshole?".  AITA is used as a question (often rhetorically) when someone is asking for an opinion on whether or not they have behaved badly towards another person.

So, dear reader, I ask . . . AITA because I:

1. Didn't purchase cheese sticks after I asked her in the morning if she wanted anything from the supermarket and she said no.

2. Asked him if he was wearing his brand-new specialty sports socks outside after fifteen years of  trying to instill "shoes off or socks on," purchased the socks he requested and saw him walking around outside in them.

3. Didn't register the injured teen for soccer after asking, "Do you think you might need to be registered anyway if you're still going to go to all the practices and games, like for insurance or something?" and being told, "Coach said no."

4. Suggested that transporting honey in a lunchbox like this might be a bad idea:

5. Cannot even remotely understand her feelings of "secondary embarrassment" when she sees things like a daughter hugging a father in a show she's watching.

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