Friday, October 13, 2023

Five on Friday: In Which Gina Attempts to be a Lady of Leisure

Taking it easy is not easy for me. What is that I always say? I always say I'll rest when I'm dead (this excludes the frequent mid-day naps). As a person who thrives on multi-tasking and no longer has five little children at home needing constant care, one might think I wouldn't voluntarily leave my job with nothing else lined up.

But this time, one would be wrong.

At the end of my first day of being home, I told my husband I was going to spend the evening looking at job listings. He said maybe I should just take a breather so then I started to cry. I have compared quitting this job to leaving an unhealthy relationship and I agree that I wouldn't advise someone else to jump right into a new relationship. So even though I had five listings bookmarked, I decided to just give it a few days. 

So how am I occupying myself in this first week home? Some highlights:

1. Laundry, cooking, shopping for family's needs   Ha, ha, those don't count, I've always done that even while working outside the home.

1. Two coffee outings, one walk with husband, one walk with friend and one lunch with a friend. While I did always try to do these things while I was working, it's never been this many in one week before.

2. About the cooking: yes, I did most of the cooking even while working outside of the home but even with attempting to meal plan it usually all went to hell by Tuesday or Wednesday. Not this week! Let me tell you how excited they are to have stuffed poblano peppers and black bean soup instead of frozen pizza. So. Excited.

3. Two weeknight dates with my husband: local documentary screening and art reception. Basically instead of just saying "interested" on facebook events, I am actually attending. Wild.

4. All the home games, both field hockey and soccer! So many of them tend to be on Thursday afternoons which were my late shifts so I'd have to miss. 

5. Working! Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be enjoying my "funemployment" but I am actually still working a little bit. The day job may be over, but the little gigs are still occupying me this month. That means I also spent time writing my script for the next Story Slam, leading Eerie Easton walking tours (tonight and next Friday 10/20 at 7:30) and figuring out a potential rain date for Graveyard Tours.

All in all, it's been a pretty fun and productive week, but it's the idea of sustaining this long term that scares me a little. So I think I will look at job listings again today.


  1. Go G go! Too true -- leaving a job is like leaving an unhealthy relationship!

  2. You're the best, Gina. The universe will bring what you need.