Friday, May 12, 2023

Five on Friday: Every Day is Mother's Day!

I guess if you mean I am a mother every single day that's true but if you mean the kids do something nice for me every day you are soooorely mistaken. 

But you know what? When I think about it, there actually are nice things they do for me at least on a weekly basis. For example:

1. Think all mushrooms are the worst possible food on Earth thereby leaving my foraged food alone (clearly this one is unintentionally nice to me but I'll take it).

2. Amaze me with their talents (again this isn't intentional, they absolutely do this for the love of sport and not for me at all . . . as a matter of fact this guy recently only told me *one* event he was competing in at a meet so I stood around for hours in the sun and missed him competing in the two *other* events that day . . . but I do thoroughly derive pleasure out of seeing them shine). 

3. My older two live five hours away but they are really good about texting and honestly make me laugh out loud several times a week. 

4.  It's true I complain about our youngest a lot. She's always been my button-pusher. Lately, however, she's been a real sweetie. She stuck this note in my lunch:

5.  . . . which made me feel really special but then I found out she did it for her father too. And her brothers. So much for special 😢 

Want to know what really made my heart sing though? Getting this text from her when I was at work:
Best non-Mother's Day gift EVER

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