Friday, May 26, 2023

Five on Friday: Best-Worst Mothers Day Gift Ever

Even though gift giving (and receiving) can really stress my husband out, the man frequently knocks it out of the park.

For Mother's Day this year, he had a GREAT idea which I really, truly loved. Also, it was pure torture. For this week's list, let me explain:

1. When we got in the car to go take a hike at the Catfish Fire Tower on the Appalachian Trail, he told me we'd be playing a game. He was going to pull one slip of paper at a time out of an envelope. Each slip had something one of the kids said that they appreciated about or were grateful to me for. Each kid submitted five statements.
2.  I was informed I'd be getting points for the ones I got right. This meant I had twenty-five chances to prove if I was a good Mom who really knows my kids or not. 
No pressure.

3. I didn't start out too hot. In my defense, some were like this:
I guessed it was our youngest daughter, whom I drive to practice once a week. I was wrong, this was submitted by our 15-year-old who admitted I don't actually drive him to practice that much anymore. 

4. And some were like this:
Come ON! Is that even fair??!!!

5. Final score: 
It was much harder and more nerve wracking than I thought it'd be. As much as I don't want to straight-up copy my husband's awesome idea, I really want him to experience the nail-biting pressure love and delight of hearing the nice things the kids have to say about their parents (And believe me, there were plenty of truly sweet ones. I really did love this gift very much!), so I might have to repeat this for Father's Day.

If you'd like to continue today's theme and hear the story of the Best Worst Mother's Day ever (day itself, not a gift) come on to Scout's tonight for Story Slam!


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