Friday, June 9, 2023

Five on Friday: Aw, They Still Need Me

Just when it seemed like my kids didn't need me that much anymore:

1. Mom, can you make me an appointment for the __________ (fill in medical specialist)?

2. Ugh, Mom, this is such an ingredient house! 

In our home, unlike in that linked article, the resident children would rather go hungry than actually assemble ingredients into something edible, which means they sit around complaining and eating dry cereal while the food sits around and goes bad. 

So Mom's been food cutting, prepping, assembling a little more than usual (grab-and-go chef salad for lunch, anyone?) A truly magical thing happens--the food gets eaten.

3. Mom, I don't have any ________ (fill in article of clothing) that fits. 

4. Mom, did you sign me up for ________ (fill in one of a million freaking summer sports-related camps, travel and activities)?
5. And of course . . . if I weren't here, they wouldn't know what to do when they ran out of room in the dishwasher's utensil basket!

I guess they do still need me! Sniff.

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