Friday, January 6, 2023

Five on Friday: Big Kids Are Great & All, But . . .

I recently wrote a post in praise of the big kid. Even though I meant every word, I feel like I need to be abundantly clear in admitting they're also capable of being absolute pains in the ass. 

Here are some interactions we've had with the home kids recently that surely we will laugh about later. (Fine, maybe I'm laughing about some of them now.)

1. "I love you, get out."
(Hey, any time she says I love you is a bonus, right?)

2. Standing just outside the stage door at school after the holiday concert: "My cummerbund fell off on the stage, it’s on the ground. I’ll get it tomorrow."

(Followed by five minutes of me insisting he should just go get it now and him arguing that I was being ridiculous. And that was followed by:)

 "How'd it work out having to take a shower here after practice and before the concert?"
"Fine. Don't worry, Mom, I spread my towel nicely when I hung it up so it could dry."
"Wait, what? Where?"
"In the locker room."
"The towel from home that matches the other towels?"
"MOM. It's fine. I'll get it tomorrow."

(In his defense, he did. But please note at home I am always begging them to not leave wet towels in lumps on the floor or furniture and the one time I would have expected him to lump it up and throw it in a bag, he hung it up nicely to dry.)

3. Found yet another can in the kitchen recycling that had food remnants. This recent time was particularly bad as it was literally CHUNKS OF ANCHOVIES.

4. 14-year-old: "You didn’t have a microwave when you were little? Why not?"

Me: "Because they weren’t invented yet."

Him: "Oh. I didn't know you were that old."

5.  Some of the gingerbread cookies the big kids decorated: 

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