Friday, December 23, 2022

Five on Friday: In Praise of the Big Kid (Holiday Edition)

 I, like most parents, have been in conversations with other parents lamenting how fast their kids are growing. "I can't believe they're graduating 8th grade! Getting their license! Almost done with High School!" 

While I also find it hard to believe, I also have to be the lone voice of dissent, pointing out "It's not all bad! As a matter of fact, there's a lot to be said for having adult children!" Then I share some of the ways it's really fantastic having kids that aren't kids. 

I still can and sometimes do miss the tiny, cute, sweet people my children used to be--yes, I've occasionally even cried about it. But recently I've been thinking a lot about how many great things there are about older and adult kids, most of them specific to this time of year! 

For example:

1. These wrapped gifts have been piled in the dining room corner for weeks. They are the same gifts that will migrate to the family room to go under the tree on Christmas morning. It's been wonderful not having to figure out places to hide them.
2. I am really not missing having to make holiday magic this year (subject to change in upcoming years).  I am too busy and tired to, for example, make sure the wrapping paper from Santa is not the same as the wrapping paper from us. 

3. No need to hide or explain stuff like this!
4. Sick kids home from school can lay around on the couch all day just fine without me if I need to work or run errands.

5. Formerly sick big kids remember (sometimes) to say, "Thanks for taking care of me, Mom."

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