Friday, December 16, 2022

Five on Friday: No Power, No Problem

I only had some loose ideas for this week's list, nothing really firm. I hoped that with a good night sleep and a hot cup of coffee I'd be able to sit down and crank something out.

Then we woke up with no power. Does that mean I had no coffee? Aw, heck no. But as I turned on the generator  walked around doing the things that I do when we have no power, I found inspiration for a different post.  

Short, sweet and pic-heavy, here's a glimpse of how the other (non-generator-having-by-choice) half lives:

1. First: light some candles.

2. Next: Light the stove, boil some water and . . . 

3. . . . make some coffee, pour-over with the coffee maker method.

4. Then light the *other* stove.

5. Get the bottled water (previously filled via tap and then stored for this very reason) out.

Ta-da! So now I'm sitting with my feet up, hot coffee in my mug and the fire crackling.

Bonus: My own little Christmas tree has battery-operated lights! So that's making the room brighter and my heart happy.

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