Friday, December 9, 2022

Five on Friday: My Own Little Tree

When the Christmas decorations came down from the attic this year, there was a small artificial table top tree in one of the boxes. I immediately and excitedly remembered that I had bought this with a very specific purpose in mind. 

Ha! Just kidding, I actually spent a day and a half wondering, "What the hell is this? We don't have a fake tree. We don't do fake trees. Where did this come from?"

Eventually I got to, "Oooh that's right! I bought this tree! For myself! And I LOOOOVE it!"

Why would Little Miss "We Don't Do Fake Trees" buy and loooove a three-foot-tall sparsely branched artificial tree? Because once I remembered the plan, I remembered how much it was something I had wanted to do for a very long time and how, in January, I impulsively decided to just do it already.

The plan? To have my own little tree for some very special, poignant, vintage holiday decor that would get broken or not noticed on our regular, big, live tree. So I put them on the little tree and I think it's just perfect.

Let me show you around, starting from the top:

1. The blue-haired angel. When I was a kid, she was our tree-topper and I thought she was absolutely magical. One year, my mom got a gift of a new angel. She was okay, I mean, if you like blonde angels. 

Actually, I did think this new topper was very pretty. But when I found out she was to replace blue-hair, I felt absolutely betrayed. Mom was insistent but did let blue-hair sit near the top at fancy angel's feet. 


She has been in my possession for years but she is not as appreciated by everyone else as she is by me and, quite frankly, she sort of gets lost at the top of a big tree. So now she has a  unintentionally blue-and-silver themed, appropriately-proportioned tree of her very own to preside over.

Working our way down, you will find:

2. Vintage ornaments and silver tinsel that belonged to my Babci. (Yes, when I was a kid I thought it was insane that she put the tinsel up strand-by-strand every year and then also took it off and saved it. Now I do that.)

3. Vintage tiny glass ball garland that my mother-in-law gave me years ago and I've been too scared to use around the kids.

Then at the bottom:

4. I needed something to cover up the battery pack for the lights so used a scrap of white chenille for a snowy look.

5. Lastly, I found this little pink metal car with my ornaments--it had been part of Babci's under-the-tree train/town display. 

Ta-da! My own, special, little, blue-and-silver, vintage, poignant, artificial, table-top tree:



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