Friday, October 21, 2022

Five on Friday: Seasonal Sports, Shindigs, Shenanigans

There's no denying we're truly into autumn now. The colorful and falling leaves are breathtaking to look at on the trees, make the air smell divine and provide a satisfying soundtrack to walks.

Of course the calendar's been plenty full so that's been making the weeks feel like they are just flying by. Here's a glimpse of the seasonal sports, shindigs and shenanigans that have been occupying us:

1. Through no fault of my own, this tacky witch decoration has joined our household. Our 12-year-old is constantly complaining that our Halloween decorations are "such an L" so I decided to let her keep it. Little did I realize what she'd do with it . . . 

Categorize under seasonal shenanigans

2. Here's our freshman son ready to go to his first Homecoming Dance. Obvs.

3. On Monday I drove twenty-five minutes to stand in the rain to watch my kid not try very hard at her cross country meet (she prefers the more immediate gratification of spring track events). Coach saw me bundled up with my umbrella and remarked, "Ah the true fans are here today!"

I admitted, "I'm only here because I can't make it to the other two meets this week." (Partially due to her brothers' soccer schedules, 'tis the season!)

These pics were from a *different* rainy sport spectating event. If you know how much I hate being cold and wet, you realize that I must really love these children

4. Sports have been knocking somebody out. 
Important sleeping accoutrements for 14-year-old boy: phone, charger, dog, laptop.

5. School picture time! Top shenanigan award of the season goes to this guy, who wore the same exact sweatshirt for his picture this year that he wore last year. 

On purpose, in case you were wondering.

Kudos, son. 


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