Friday, October 14, 2022

Five on Friday: Riding Season Recap

Fall weather came FAST this year. One day I was riding my Vespa every day and then BOOM, a month had passed with no riding. Finally some nice, dry, sunny days came and I got in what I thought was my last hurrah for the season. I calculated my miles for the year . . . 961? That'd never do. Luckily I got another mild day and was able to break 1,000 and had a very lovely time doing it.

Now my riding season is really, truly over so I thought I'd share some highlights:

1. I checked some longer rides off my bucket list and even drove across the bridge into Pennsylvania a handful of times.

2. I sewed myself a new reversible seat cover--one side to protect from heat (black pleather seat gets HOT in the summer sun!) and one side is waterproof to protect from any drizzles when I'm parked.

Waterproof cherry print side!
3. I drove to a number of historic sites--fine, mostly graveyards, but a few others, too. My favorite might have been when I drove to the location of a small former amusement park and had an 80+ year old woman who grew up there point out where things used to be.

4. I really challenged just how much a Vespa can hold. The answer: way more than you think. 

Some days I even picked up our farm share on Giacomo! See that bright blue thing in the under seat compartment? That opens up into a nice-sized backpack which means I can carry even MORE!
5. I continued Giacomo's customization with the removal of one large and completely sun-faded sticker and the addition of six new ones from places I visited this year. Oh, also I got this one because it is 100% true.
Want to see more of my riding adventures or pictures of some cool (& creepy) gravestones? Visit Giacomo & Gigi on Facebook, though not much new content will be added now until spring of 2023.

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