Friday, October 28, 2022

Five on Friday: What is Gina up to Now?

The truth is, my high school guidance counselor didn't know what to do with me.   “You’re good at English and History, you like writing, performing and you’re good at leading groups. I guess you should be a teacher.” 

Well, guidance counselor, I didn't really know what to do with me either but I keep trying new things and finding new ways to combine my passions. It's exciting to take a look at my life and realize how many interesting gigs I've got going on. 

This week's list is a compilation of where you can find me doing the things I love:

1. The Moth recently re-aired my story, Adventures in Saying Yes. Every time it's shared on the national level I literally get messages from around the country and sometimes world. Some are friends from across the country texting, "I just heard you on the radio!" and others are messages from strangers saying, "My family is just like yours!" I treasure all them all.

2. Graveyard Tours! A dream come to fruition! I've wanted to do this for so long and I'm so pleased with everything about how it turned out. The research was easy (and I found *so* many juicy tidbits to share!), my volunteers were great (and my Gorey-inspired graphics were AMAZING thanks to one of them--thank you Robbie-Lynn!!!!), tours sold out meaning money raised for the not-profit I'm volunteering with and the weather all month totally cooperated. 

Oh, and there was that dress!

These tours are over but information will be coming out soon for any locals that might want to book private small group tours . . . stay tuned.

3. Lecture on the Carlisle School on Sunday, November 6th.

4. Tipsy History! During my graveyard tours, there were some stories I only told little bits of . . . the rest of the stories are going to be told at this event that will be held in February. Again, stay tuned!
Yes, that's me double-fisting it with ginger ale in plastic wine glasses, New Year's Eve 1978ish? (& Robbie-Lynn designed this, too! She's the best.)

5.  Monthly Story Slam's at Scout's are back! We took October off but we'll be back on November 11th with the theme of Traditions . . . start thinking of your stories now!

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