Friday, September 9, 2022

Five on Friday: Remembering to Be Grateful for Little Things

Picture it: Tuesday morning after a long holiday weekend. It's the first day all three home kids are going to school full day this year and the weather is (comparatively) chilly, it's raining, the skies are dark. Oh and I had miserable insomnia the night before. Oh and it was the second night in a row like that.

Not a great start to the day but actually a great way to remember to be grateful for little things. I started paying attention to them that morning and have been noticing them all week. (It's a nice way to pass the time, try it!) 

I am so grateful for:

1. This new thrift score that's perfect for me . . . and that I have many days when I can sneak naps in!

2.  Rainy days providing me the opportunity to wear one of my vintage old-lady rain bonnets that I love so . . . and sit in the car at the bus stop with my girl. 
Bonus: a little boy in the neighborhood that I adore is a big kindergartener this year . . . he saw me and waved like wild. You can't see, so just imagine how damn cute he is.

3. Homemade chai tea latte with frothy milk (thanks to my new free immersion blender from the Buy Nothing page) and in travel mug given to me as a gift that was made at a local pottery studio. That's basically three grats in one!
I just realized it doesn't look all that frothy but that's because I sipped before I snapped the pic.

4.  Having that one song that can totally snap me out of a funk. This one's in heavy rotation lately:

5. Lastly, my heightened obsession with graveyards and my upcoming graveyard tours are keeping me happy and satisfied. Most gratifying has been my recent discoveries of two local Civil War vets . . . now their headstones are cleaned and they are properly honored.

SUPER DUPER BONUS! Last night I was driving through a neighborhood to pick a kid up and thought I saw something fall out of a tree, then realized it wasn't exactly a fall it was more of a swoop, like a bird would do. Then I thought "what kind of bird swoops at night?" and looked again and SAW THE MOST ADORABLE, BIG-EYED-BEANIE-BOO-LOOKING OWL EVER. I don't think I have ever seen an owl in the wild and this one was basically a stuffed animal come to life. I looked online when I got home and I am pretty sure it's this kind. I will never forget its cuteness.

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