Friday, September 16, 2022

Five on Friday: Back in the Swing of Things

Dude, is this really only the first full week of school for all three home kids? Seems hard to believe considering we've already had:

1. One call from school nurse.

2. Ten calls for money (okay fine there were more but only ten that I've responded to).

3. Double overtime.

4. Meal planning! Prepping several meals for the week on Sunday! Aaaand . . . having those plans fly out the window due to JV game, carpool duty, emergency eye doctor appointment (see #1) and then the Varsity game going to double overtime (see #3) . Sandwiches for dinner it was!

5. "Mom? Can you get this clean?" (Twice so far.)

Note to self: time to start buying Oxi-Clean on a regular basis again.

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