Friday, September 23, 2022

Five on Friday: Not to Brag or Anything, But . . .

Some recent accomplishments at the Rumspringa Home for Children:

1. The bike shop congratulated our 14-year-old son for having "seriously the most messed up derailleur we've ever seen. Are you sure you weren't hit by a car?"

2. This same kid also creates the dirtiest uniform on the team

3. And while I'm busy not bragging, guess who's got two rubber-gloved thumbs and keeps managing to get his uniform clean? THIS GAL.

Yeah, I know, pride comes before the fall. Watch the JV game next week for that one kid in a white-ish uniform streaked with green and brown.

4. We haven't made it to a single Back to School Night four years running.

5. The alleged adults went to a concert together. They also got kicked out of a concert together before hearing a single note of music. They celebrated by getting coordinating "Phantom Limb" tattoos, an homage to the song they didn't get to hear live.

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