Friday, September 2, 2022

Five on Friday: In Praise of the Big Kid

We currently have one college graduate, one college junior, one high school junior, one high school freshman and one seventh grader. So when I set up this snack table the other day, I'll admit . . . I cried. 

But just a little. Because I remembered how many times recently I thought to myself, "You know what? Having bigger kids can be pretty great, too."

So even though I do occasionally miss my tiny babies who didn't eye roll and sass talk and not answer my damn texts . . . I really do appreciate having tween, teen and adult kids, too. Like when:

1. I had a terrible night of sleep and needed a little nap but was supervising kids at the pool . . . but then remembered they're all tweens who were absolutely capable of playing responsibly and rousing me from my lounge chair catnap if needed! (Also I realized I could still utilize the "napping with one ear open" technique skills I honed when they were toddlers.) They played Marco Polo, I napped, we were all winners.

2. No more arranging childcare if we want to go out! They can totally watch themselves (and by that I mean hours of television . . . if I let them). 

3.  Likewise, the "home" kids (12, 14, 16) are old enough to prepare food for themselves. Most of the time I do try to make sure dinner is made for them on the nights I work late but if I can't get to it . . . they'll be fine.

4. The "away" kids text with frequency and I get to stay tuned in to the fun, amazing, weird, cool things they are doing. Sometimes they do them together which makes my heart sing. Except Even* when the oldest texts to say "Guess why G invited me over" and then sends this: 
*True, I didn't love this but . . . yeah, fine, this is totally a thing my friends and I would have done at their ages.

5. The best part of having bigger kids though? I think it might be getting messages like this: 

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