Friday, May 20, 2022

Five on Friday: Five Ways Cars are Better than Vespas

When I was a kid, sometimes my parents just wanted to "take a ride." 

I hated just "taking a ride." I wanted there to be a destination, a reason for the ride. I was thrilled when I became old enough to stay home alone and not have to participate in those pointless trips. 

But now I have a Vespa. 

And on the very nice days, particularly in the early spring when the very nice days have been few and far between, and I have some free time . . . I like to take a ride.

Nice day ✅
Free time ✅
Taking a ride ✅

There's just always something to be grateful for when I'm riding, like how much more I can appreciate the scents of spring (the way the river smells after a rain or a lawn does after it was just cut). I just love everything about riding Giacomo!!!

Except . . . yes, believe it or not, on the ride pictured above I happened to think of ONE way that John Stamos the Toyota (or any car) is better. 

I wondered if I could challenge myself to come up with four more for a Five on Friday list. It was hard but I did it! I figure that in a few short months I'll be back to the car all the time and not taking pleasure rides, so maybe it'll be nice to remind myself of the (very very few) ways that cars are better than Vespas:

1. On that sunny no destination ride, I thought to myself, "Man, it'd be a GREAT day for a nap." I love all manner of naps in nearly any location but a nap in a nice sun-warmed car is tops on my list. 

I can't do that on a Vespa. 


2.  A car horn is way more intimidating than a dinky little Vespa beep. (Sorry Giac, you sound kind of wimpy.)

3. Car trips not nearly as weather-reliant as Vespa trips.

4.  When it comes to food shopping for a family of five to seven (depending on if the alleged adults are around or not) is just really not possible on the Vespa. Unless I wanted to take twenty-seven trips back and forth . . .  ain't nobody's got time for that. 

5. Also, my 150cc Vespa engine can't go on the interstate, so big road trips--not to mention adding multiple passengers--really work better in the four-wheel vehicle. 

Now I am racked with guilt and am going to ride Giacomo ALL DAY today.

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