Friday, May 27, 2022

Five on Friday: Mom Math

We're approaching the end of the school year which means it's final exam time! How good are you at Mom Math? (I do usually try to say "parent" instead of "Mom" but I really, really like alliteration, so . . . Mom Math it is!)

Take this handy quiz to find out! (answer key at the bottom of the page)

1. If Mom makes one large and one small quiche to feed two teenage boys, two parents and one tween girl but then leaves the teen boys home alone for dinner, how much quiche is left for the three other people to eat later?

2. How many seconds does it take for the tween girl to become mortified by Mom car-dancing in the driver's seat when it's only the two of them in the car and they're not even stopped at a red light where people could see her or anything?

3. If there's a task that Mom has been asking the High School sophomore to do after school every single ever-loving day since he was in kindergarten, how many more times will she need to ask him?

4. On any given day, how many toothbrushes can be found in the kids' bathroom?

5.  If the kids are now eleven, fourteen, sixteen, twenty and twenty-one, how many more family meals does Mom need to think up, purchase food for and prepare?

How much more bickering between the 11- and 14-year-old kids can Mom take before her head explodes?

1. One small
2. Three seconds, max.
3.  11 + 180 + 180
4.  The number of kids presently at home plus two . . . except sometimes when it's the number of kids presently at home minus one
5. Infinity. The answer is infinity meals.

Extra credit: No, really, I'm asking you how much more I can take. Because it doesn't feel like much and I'm wondering when I can anticipate the sweet release of my head exploding.

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