Friday, September 10, 2021

Five on Friday: 2.5 Days in and Killing It

Well, friends, I set some goals for myself for once the children got back to school. They were almost like resolutions for the new (school) year. We've been at it for an entire two and a half days now and I gotta say, I'm sort of killing it!

Let's see, I had resolved to:

1. Get back into my near-daily exercise habit:

2. Do things like pick the throw pillows off the floor,  put them back on the couch, and then not have to do it again ten minutes later:

Eleven minutes and counting . . . 
3. Make dinner at 10:00 am:

4. Not listen to a single Olivia Rodrigo song for at least eight hours:
Achieved but the weird thing is two nights when I had insomnia this song decided to haunt my brain. That's what I get for going cold turkey I guess.

5. Getting back to supposedly writing my memoir. 

Okay, I haven't done this yet. I needed a few days to catch up on some other stuff (I've gotten the van inspected and made calls and filled out forms and made appointments and and and . . . !!!) 

I'd try to protest, "Well at least I got some writing done!" meaning this list but that's a cop out because I have been writing my Five on Friday lists all along and this one is basically just recycling last week's list. 

But I have really good intentions for next week now that I got so many of those dumb calls and things done, so I'll only give myself a sideways thumb on this one. Don't want to discourage me or anything,  especially since I just realized they have another day off next week and we still won't be back to five full days yet . . .

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