Friday, April 30, 2021

Five on Friday: Milestones That Go Unnoticed

Baby's first tooth, haircut, holiday . . . starting preschool, kindergarten, graduating . . . these are milestones that are celebrated. Parties are held. Products exist solely to commemorate them. 

But they're not the only milestones that indicate the growth of children. There are others that we experience that don't get parties, like when we can actually go to the bathroom by ourselves or the kids start doing their own laundry.

Still there are others that not only lack public celebration, they tend to slip by completely unnoticed. Until today! Today I celebrate these neglected milestones, true indicators that my children are growing up:

1. I don't have to fight, cajole, bribe or trick anyone into taking a shower anymore. I don't know how or when it happened but all of a sudden I can say, "You need a shower" and be met with almost no push back  . . . save for the occasional, "I just took one yesterday!" (We are not daily showering types. It wastes resources and is generally bad for most hair and skin.)  

That may be true child, but today you are RIPE. Trust me, sometimes you need a shower two days in a row.

2. I am consistently the first one awake in the house each morning. I am also, frequently, not one of the last ones to go to bed.

3. Nobody fights over these guys anymore. Nobody even wants them when I offer them up. Wah.

4. I can't really blame stains on my clothes on the kids anymore. Dang.

5. This errant Sharpie has been sitting in the living room all week and seeing it there does not fill my heart with utter terror.

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