Friday, April 23, 2021

Five on Friday: Birthday Week in Review

1. Who could have ever imagined that I'd think getting an injection would be a wonderful way to start celebrating my birthday week? 

Perhaps a little sleepy but actually thrilled to have this badge of honor in the form of an upside-down bandage that ended up giving me a little itchy rash. Cheers!

2. I shocked myself with no bad side effects! Why would I be so surprised? Well, in the history of my husband, me and any medical procedure, things go something like this:

Me: You really need to go to the dentist.

Him: Why?

Me: It's been, like, five years.

Him: Fine. (goes and then) All good!

Me: (goes every year) Dentist said it was an absolute pleasure to work on someone who obviously takes great care of her teeth and also I have three mini-cavities to take care of and might need a root canal.


Me: (needs to go for regular colonoscopies starting at age twenty-five, have experienced years of vomiting and uncontrollably shivering my way through prep. ended up in ER and then admitted to hospital overnight once, etc, etc. Whine throughout entire procedure from getting appointment reminder up until moment the anesthesia kicks in because it's usually so fucking miserable.)

Him: (goes once, sails through prep, no issues at all) It wasn't that bad!

You get the idea. 

So I was absolutely convinced I'd have a bad reaction to my second shot; so much so that I started to worry that I'd give myself psychosomatic symptoms. HOWEVER, by some birthday week magical miracle, my only issue was a sore upper arm for two days. 

(Please note: my husband's reaction was more along the lines of "I guess if I press on my arm, I can tell I had a shot, but sore? No, I wouldn't say it's sore at all." Of course.)

 3. But enough about shots! Let's talk about the weather. The forecast for my birthday morning was rain, which really bummed me out because I wanted warmth and sunshine. It turned out to be a perfectly lovely and sunny morning, much to my delight.

In the afternoon, a thunderstorm blew in, which I have to admit, I also sort of enjoyed. But while it was happening, I spent some time getting some summery clothes out, which was obviously the reason the next day and half felt like winter again (including a light dusting of morning snow!) I apologize, truly. 

But--my plans to have friends over wine and cheese was not thwarted by the extreme change in weather. I know I'm not 100% immune until 2 weeks after my 2nd shot but my friends had already reached that milestone so I felt fine about moving the celebration inside. Hurrah!

When my Mom was purging her house last year, she asked if I wanted that old circus sign she had. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, didn't think I wanted it, but then remembered it had my birthday on it!

4. One of my friends has an artist for a son who made an amazing, moving-parts birthday card featuring me on my Vespa at the museum I work at. 

5.  Last week I told you that my parents were selling my childhood home but even though they'd accepted an offer six months ago, moved most of their stuff out five months ago and began temporarily living elsewhere, the deed was still not officially done. Nor did we have a date for the closing on the new house . . . but now, the deeds are done! Or, um, the deeds are signed? The old house is officially sold and the new house is officially purchased. Hooray and congratulations to my Mom and Dad!

Bonus item! Last year I got chosen to participate in a live storytelling show in NYC which of course got postponed and postponed and postponed due to the pandemic. Eventually they decided to scrap the live show and start a podcast. After a months of edits, rewrites and a few makeshift recording studio sessions , I was finally able to share this story about my amazing Grandmother, Babci. Enjoy!



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