Friday, April 16, 2021

Five on Friday: Goodbye to My Childhood Home

My parents have sold my childhood home and I feel fine.

No, really, I do. I even went for one last walk-around and didn't cry at all. I think we're all really ready for it, for a number of reasons, like:

1. My parents are what you might call . . . collectors. My sisters and I have long dreaded having to one day clean out their home and property (with various greenhouses and sheds, all filled with . . . "collections" of items) for them. We never imagined the possibility of them doing it themselves! I'm really proud of my parents for purging so much. Also, I'm super relieved.

2. You may have noticed I said "greenhouses" above . . . if you didn't know, my parents owned a nursery. It was really time for my Dad to retire but that absolutely meant moving. He can't be there and not work, so it was time.

3. They got an offer on their house very quickly and we emptied out most of the furniture back in November. But then there were a series of unexpected delays so my poor parents were living not only in pandemic forcing them to spend most of their time at home but then their home was stripped down to the bare basics. It's been a long winter for them.

4. Ultimately, though, the timing worked out really well because they hadn't been having any luck finding the right new home for themselves. If they had moved out in November, they would have been bouncing around for awhile. Now they've found a great place that we're all excited to see them settle into.

5. I had a great childhood there and they've stayed there so long that my children have all gotten to know the house and property as well. If my parents sold the house before I had kids, I think it would have been more upsetting. Instead it just feels like the timing is right and the natural progression of life.

But wait! 

That wasn't supposed to be what my Five on Friday list was! It was supposed to be all pictures from my last visit there the other day. Lucky you, that means this week's list is a double feature! 

1. I grew up answering the phone saying "New Horizon Plant Farm!" and this is the sign that hung up by the road.

2. Check out the inside of my closet that I painted at age 15.

That is so deep.

3. I spent hours and hours playing in the backyard in my little playhouse, most of the time in droopy 70s halter top hand-me-downs that would have my family telling me that my "bubulas" were showing (that's what it sounded like they were saying but--what? Who says that? That's a Yiddish word for a baby. Is using it this way a New Jersey thing? A 'my family' thing??). 

Anyway, the back yard hasn't looked like that for years and my playhouse is long gone, so nothing to be sad about with my parents moving at this point. 

4. How cute is this? My Dad has labeled what some of the plants are for the next owner.

Though honestly, my dude? Good luck reading my Dad's handwriting.

5. I used to pretend this rock was a chaise lounge. I gave it one last go.

I'm only smiling because I'm thinking god, I was dumb, this is not comfortable at all.

*Edited to add:

I ended up stopping over just one more time to pick up something my Mom left behind. I realized the sign was still there so it accidentally ended up in my car. I am not sure if my parents want it or not but I'm just saying it might belong somewhere in my dining room  to go with my apparent "old local business signs with suns on them" collection:


  1. Happy memories and stories! Best of the best to them in their new "digs" as the young'ns say :-)