Friday, April 9, 2021

Five on Friday: Holiday Highlights

I’ll admit, I had a bad attitude about the kids’ spring break. It wasn’t just me, though. Even my 7th grader was asking, “Why do we even have spring break this year? I’d rather just be done with school a week earlier!”


I don’t know why a late-stage* pandemic spring break seemed daunting, it’s not like we ever travel this week anyway. I think it may have to do with the fact that we still had some winter doldrums to shake off because let me tell you . . . the weather this past week has been glorious and it just made everything better.


So in spite of having zero plans and a bad attitude, we had amazing weather and a very pleasant holiday week. I think my son and I both even realized that maybe a little break from hybrid school and homework was just what we needed.


Here are some highlights:


1. You thought I had a bad attitude about spring break, you don’t want to know what I though about Easter! Ha! Just kidding . . . sort of. Last Easter was our very first pandemic holiday and our first chaotic attempt at having a zoom call with extended family. There was so much that felt scary and wrong and unknown. I spent the day fighting back the tears. 


This year my oldest two children weren't home which might make you think I'd be crying again but honestly, I felt fine. After they were stuck at home for the last two semesters, I'm genuinely thrilled for them to be on campus.


Traditionally, we go to my parents first and then my in-laws' later in the day. Part of the earlier celebration includes an outdoor egg hunt. This year, I did some last minute scurrying to make an egg hunt in our own yard (with some added rules by Mom and sneaky spots by Dad that made it occupy the kids for a good twenty minutes!) The weather was perfect for an outdoor brunch with my parents and a then dinner with my husband's side of the family.

Eggs weren't the only thing to find this year; my clever and creative husband hid some little bottles of wine around the house for me.

2. I got some super cute sewing projects done! My clothespin bag was falling apart and as I had gotten my hands on some vintage baby clothes, I decided to get crafting. I only meant to make two but . . . I made three. (Bonus: this sewing was done on our only cool and rainy morning and by the time I was done, the sun was coming out!)

3.  After beginning to annoy even myself with my constant "Should I cut my hair or not?" questioning, I decided to text-whine to my older daughter about it.


"Why can't someone just tell me what to do?"


"Cut it. Summer's coming, you like your curls better when your hair is shorter, it'll be a symbolic cutting off of the past year."


So I handed my best friend a pair of scissors and have zero regrets. (Though one day when my hairdresser sister gets her hands on my head again, she surely will.)


4. We got our annual Earth Day Month neighborhood clean-up done, to the soundtrack of birds chirping and my children whining, "UGH, why do we even have to do this??" 


There was also some groaning when I realized I was wearing just one green gardening glove and tried to declare myself the Earth Day Michael Jackson. 

"Oh my god, Mom. No." I cracked myself up later in the walk, too.

5. All the promise of new life makes spring feel eternally hopeful.

This year more than ever . . . as my husband and I, along with so many of our family and friends, are at least half vaccinated. A few loved ones that were sick with COVID are improving by the day. My parents, who have been  living in a state of housing semi-limbo, finally have a closing date on their home and will soon have one on the home they are buying. 


But the very best news of all is that a very wonderful person whom I love dearly had her last radiation treatment!! We celebrated on the patio with pizza, leftover Easter candy and the season's first fire in the chiminea!


 Best spring break ever.






*Feels sort of hopeful and potentially foolish to refer to the present time this way. Oh, please, please let us be nearing the end of this.

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