Friday, March 12, 2021

Five on Friday: Things a Mom Says, Pandemic Year Two

Recently I've said some things I haven't said in a long time. Just typical things a Mom might say to her kids but that haven't been necessary (or even possible!) in a long time because of the pandemic.


While saying them made me feel like things really are getting back to normal in some ways, I can't claim these to be post-pandemic phrases. Each one of these "feeling sort of normal" statements also has a caveat that made it firmly still part pandemic--year two.


1. Come on! The bus is coming!

(*Caveat: the bus is coming because it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday but not Wednesday because the new combined cohort hybrid schedule means you all go together but nobody goes on Wednesdays. Natch.)


2. Who do you want to invite to your birthday?

(*Caveat: Sort of a double birthday party since last year we said "don't worry, we'll just have a do-over in a few weeks." Spoiler: We did not. Also, this party will be held entirely outdoors even though the weather is just on the cusp of being reliably nice enough to do such a thing.)


3. Is there a basketball game today?

(*Caveat: "Do you know if it's going to be live streamed?")

I'd say the dog likes to watch the game but really she just likes to stalk me.

4. Do you have practice after school?

(*Caveat: "Don’t forget you have to show Coach the COVID pre-screening thing on your phone!")


5. I have a meeting tonight.

(*Caveat: "I’ll be up in my room with the door closed on the zoom call, please don’t interrupt me.")

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