Friday, August 7, 2020

Five on Friday: Our Ridiculous Little Dog

I'm a dog owner but not what I'd personally refer to as a dog weirdo. I eschew the use of the term "fur baby."  The pleasure I derive from owning a pet comes purely from watching how much my children love her. I don't snuggle her at all (but I'm still her favorite person ever, much to the kids' chagrin) but I love seeing the kids hold and hug her.

Zipper is not one to play with toys, she's never fetched a ball or a stick. But our ridiculous little dog makes us laugh a lot and I've got the pictures and video to prove it:

1.  Whenever I go to the bathroom downstairs, I can see the shadow of her little feet from the crack under the door (see also: I'm her favorite person) Since that door has a chalkboard surface, I decided to have a little fun with it . . .
2.  She puts up with a lot. I can't decide if this face says, "I am so comfortable in this kerchief I am going to sit here and meditate" or "Maybe if I pretend to go to sleep, she'll put me down and take this ridiculous piece of cloth off of my head."

3. Have you ever seen a dog content to be held like this? Like she's just a tiny human?? I have not and can't believe any dog would like this but she seems to, quite a bit . . .
4. You know how if you put anything down on the ground a cat will lay on or in it? So will Zipper. And then frequently she is prone to passing out in a position that makes you wonder if she's drunk.

5. And now for some rare video footage of the ridiculous little dog in her natural habitat: our front yard with the kids, deciding to put a buttercup under her chin to see if she likes butter or not. As usually happens with Zipper, hilarity ensued:

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