Friday, March 19, 2021

Five on Friday: Meet the New Boss . . . A Note to My Younger Three Children on Some Recent Policy Changes

 Too bad you millennials (are you younger kids even millennials or some new generation name?) probably don't even know this song to fill in the next half of that lyric with " . . . same as the old boss."

We may have inaugurated a new President for the nation but around here, I'm still the boss. The only changes here is that the constituents have changed (with the two alleged adults off to college). But that means it's a new chapter for our family and almost feels like a new term for me, if you will.

You may have noticed some recent policy changes! Even though each one seems to be even more wildly unpopular than the next, I am (not) sorry to say they are here to stay. These include:

1. Failure to complete daily list of chores without a legitimate excuse will result in swift and immediate personal electronic removal for as long as I see fit.

2. Because #1 happened the other day, it made me realize how nice afternoons can be. Thereby I do decree that we will be having frequent screen-free afternoons. (Wow, this one is not going to go over well at all!)

3. I (apparently) cannot reiterate this enough: school is your top priority. I know it's not the same. But we've been doing this virtual/hybrid thing for a year now and there are really no excuses for multiple missed assignments anymore. You have all the agendas and tools. You have two parents that are available to assist you. We need you to put in a little more effort now. If this means I have to sit down and watch you do every single assignment so be it. And believe me, this will hurt me way more than it hurts you.

4. You will continue to help choose meals for the upcoming week. We will be easing into our next phase of "Mom cannot freaking think of and make all of the meals for all of these people day in and day out for years upon end" alleviation plan which means you will each be helping to actually prepare the meals you pick. Or sometimes the meals I pick. Hey, I'm the boss after all.

5. The "oh my GOD MOM WHY DO WE HAVE TO" family book club has officially kicked off! Please be sure to read up to chapter three of History Smashers: Women's Right to Vote by tomorrow night. I've got a cold can of soda for one child to have all to themselves for writing a Kahoot! quiz for the rest of the family. Prizes will be awarded to participants. 

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