Friday, March 20, 2020

Five on Friday: That Escalated Quickly

Hey friends . . . that escalated quickly, huh? How’s everyone doing out there adjusting to our collective new isolated reality? My family has every privilege and convenience for getting through this and I can still find it completely overwhelming to think about at times.

So, if you know me, you know that means it’s time for some gratitude and maybe a little humor:

1. Oh, these kids! They are doing great so far. I am really, really proud of them. I’m thankful for their willingness to adapt, for their teachers and administrators for making this as smooth as possible on very little notice, for the technology that keeps them real-time learning from their educators and laughing with their friends.

2. "Mom can I have a play date with (insert name of a child who has been terribly mean to my child so I don't know why she wants to be her friend and she most certainly will not ever have a play date with) ?" 

"Sorry, honey, Governor says no play dates"
3. Sometimes they go to their rooms for more privacy during class. Sometimes they are too lazy for stairs and then I find ridiculous scenes like this:

4.  I'm also grateful for the many wonderful massive road and camping trips we've taken as a family, I feel like those experiences have really provided for us many tools for spending extended periods of time together, entertaining each other and being resourceful.

5.  Me: "Did you . . . uh, get dressed today or did you sleep in that?"
12-year-old son: "I changed! I put these pants on this morning."
Me: "Okay. Sometimes it's hard to tell with you."
Him: "But I don't have a shirt under this sweatshirt . . . oh yeah and no underwear."

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