Friday, March 27, 2020

Five on Friday: Corona, Corona, Corona!

That’s all anyone is going to be able to talk about for a good long time, isn’t it? Thus I present my second in an undetermined number of posts pertaining to this new way of life.

Today was supposed to be our last day of remote learning. When we were first told we’d be starting and I would think ahead to this day, I imagined we’d be so anxious to get back to school. But here we are, with at least another three weeks of remote learning and it actually feels . . . well, pretty natural. At this time, nobody in our family nor our community has become ill and all I can do is continue to follow the safety protocols, hope that it stays this way, and enjoy the perks that sheltering-in-place has brought to my life.

1. Because they have nobody else to hang out with . . . my teenagers (Fine—young adults. They are 18 and 19 now. D’oh!) have been enjoying each other's company. I, in turn, have been enjoying them enjoying one another.

2. Because we can’t get together in person, I’ve had my first virtual cocktail hour. I miss going out with friends but with everyone's busy schedules it's not always feasible--so I see no reason for this to end, really.

3. Because I love people, love to cook and am a nurturer with time on my hands, I’ve made some meals to surprise some friends who could use a little nurturing right now.  Making people happy makes me happy. I have to remember I can do this even when there isn't a worldwide pandemic.

4.  Because we can't see each other in person and we all need to look out for one another right now, I think I'm staying in closer touch with family and friends than ever before. Nothing like being close to tragedy to remind you to let your loved ones know they are loved.

5. Because we have time, talent, energy, supplies and sometimes get a little stir crazy, we are making art! Fine, in this instance (and most of them) my daughter has shown me off with the talent but I was really getting more than a little bit loopy the day I made these "Super Happy Not-At-All-Stir-Crazy Fun Books" for friends. I think they are both enjoyable:

Prints of her work available for sale here

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