Friday, March 6, 2020

Five on Friday: The Freshman Parent Page

When my daughter made her college decision last spring, I sought out the Facebook page that had been created for parents of freshmen that would be going to the same University. I told my daughter I joined the page and that I would probably quit it soon.

"Why join if you think you'll quit?"

"Just in case there's any useful information but I have a feeling it will be annoying."

I was right. I only lasted a few weeks. I found it astonishing how many questions people were asking of other first-timers that really should have been asked of the college (or looked for the answer on its website). 

I was also shocked to realize that all those rumors I had heard about extreme helicopter parenting well into the college years are apparently true. I don't want to share exact posts, feels a little too mean, but I will divulge that someone asked what sort of shoes the "cool kids" are wearing these days. For their 18-year-old. Going to college.

Oh and there was that one person who wanted to know if the beds would have rails . . . okay I have to stop. I wasn't supposed to be posting specific examples. Long story short, I quit the page but my husband stayed on and would share the *best* posts with me. However, he'd never post the snarky replies I'd beg him to post so I rejoined the stupid thing.

To be fair, I also have not posted the snarky replies, because I don't want to be kicked off the page. It provides way too much comedy in my life now.

I will post some of my snarky comments here instead, so I can get it out of my system:

1. In response to the bed rails question: "Does anyone know how many outlets there are in the rooms? Need to buy outlet covers before our daughter moves in. TIA!"

2. In response to the multitude of what seem to be very general and easily answerable "Does anyone know . . ." questions: Let Me Google That For You

3.  Ask if anyone else stays on the page just for the humor

4. Okay, I did do one snarky thing. Someone asked about good Valentines gifts to send their student and one response was for a teddy-bear-constructing gift certificate "especially if it's for a girl!"  If you know me at all, you know I just . . . I just can't with that. I didn't say anything, I just reacted with a 🤣 even though I know the person was completely serious about it. Nobody's called me on it yet.

5. Post my own question: "Has anyone considering cutting the cord yet? Finding that the constant tugging from my daughter's walking from class to class is getting difficult."

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  1. These are fantastic. These parents must be going nuts over coronavirus!!! Maybe you could create an alternate fb account just for snarky responses...