Friday, February 28, 2020

Five on Friday: Signs of Unofficial Spring

That's right, this week's list is not five unofficial signs of spring, it's five signs of unofficial spring. Because in spite of the 60° weather last week, children, it is still winter.

I hope you enjoyed the sun, babies, because we are not out of the woods just yet. Remember those 8 days we lived without power? That was from a March storm. March is a crap shoot, so please stop asking me to get your sandals out. (The ones from last year probably fit you now anyway, so just chill.)

Here are five signs of last week's unofficial spring which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone here:

1. "Mom, it's 100° out there! I'm eating my breakfast outside today."
Not quite 100°

2. Getting into my car in the morning after my teenage son was the last one to drive it the night before and finding this:
My car, John Stamos, literally emits a high-pitched scream to inform the driver that the moon roof is open. I thought it was older people that were not supposed to be able to hear higher pitched noises?
3.  Having to park all the cars at the end of the driveway every day so the kids can have more space to play ball:
Add to the list: Me not minding having to walk the extra distance to the house because it wasn't freezing out!
 4. The firewood pile is getting noticeably smaller . . .

5. The boys had such a bad case of spring fever, they forgot to bicker with and exclude their little sister from their game:

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