Friday, November 1, 2019

Five on Friday: Group Costumes

I realized yesterday that when I open iPhotos and start to type in “H-a-l-l-o . . .” in the search bar, it offers the options “Halloween” and “Halloween costumes” and it ACTUALLY BROUGHT UP HALLOWEEN PICTURES.

The future is crazy, man.

However, I quickly went from wildly impressed to finding myself muttering, “That’s not Halloween . . . THAT’S surely not Halloween” It turns out this technology is not equipped to handle people who dress up multiple times per year.

If you asked me if I was big on group or couples costumes, I’d say no. But looking through this pictures, I realized I have had several good ones. Today seemed like a good day to share them:

1. Cruella and her pet, before they had kids:
We won a prize for this!
2. Edward Scissorhands and retro lady getting a haircut.
No, none of her friends knew who she was supposed to be
3. Andy Warhol and Pop Art Marilyn (see me there? Upper left?)
No, none of her friends knew who she was supposed to be
4. Frida and Frida. I'm beginning to notice a theme here as this the third ‘couples’ costume I'm sharing that features my oldest daughter and me. I can’t say I’m surprised. Now that I reminisce some more, her first Halloween at 3 weeks old she was a hula dancer and I was a Hawaiian tourist and her second Halloween she was a bowling ball and I was a pin with Daddy O as a bowler . . . I guess those made an impression on her.
I think you know what I'm going to say here
 5. Nesting dolls with my youngest daughter to prove that I have done cute things with my other kids:

And BONUS PIC! This was a costume I really enjoyed: Miss Hannigan. The kids technically weren’t dressed up to go along with me, but since I am always surrounded by children that complain about cleaning I consider it an inadvertent group costume.

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